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Shoulder for the first day of the year

January 1, 2010

My weakest link is probably my low back. having a slip disc 4 years ago. followed by my right shoulder rotator cuff blowout.

But let the training begin for 2010

warmup – L-T-Y 2 X12
hindu push ups

14.5kg db military press 1X10
17.5kg db 1 arm press 17.5kg X 7/7/6/7/8 = 35reps (main)
14.5 kg db military press neutral grip 3 X10

push ups
went to the pool and swam a little

thats it. a little light. lower back on the elft is still hurting but i’ll beat it.

gonna do zerchers and sumo 5 X5 all 100kg tmr but not really sure. see how the back goes. I intend to make it the last workout before i deload fully for the first week of jan


Greek Mythology and Life and Training

December 27, 2009

Watch out cause 2010, I’m gonna blow your mind, educate myself on all these myths and apply lessons and philosophy all over my strength training and my pursuit of a first class honors.

Zercher Monday

December 21, 2009


went to the gym,
Zercher Squats
60kg X5
90kg X6
100kg X5 (new PR)
fuck that new PR, today i was having troubles really getting the bar up from the 3rd pin, piss ass form, no real depth

WTH was i doing. i really wasn’t feeling it.
my right hip hurts . Maybe I’m pushing it a little too much. ytd i was a little sick ..

Fuck it ok, i’m gonna take a little break.

But I’ll be back. look out for my vicious sid vicious xmas numbers.

or maybe that’s the problem, psyching myself a little too much

Once again.

November 28, 2009

Hello there 🙂

I’m back here again, november 28th 2009. 5:40pm as i start typing this.
I wanted something to write down other than my little brown book.
But i want to get back. These 20 years in my life. the 20th year was when i started fiddling with weights, thanks to a good friend of mine.
I want to use this blog as a training log, but also to share about stuff of mine.


It’s Dasic mainly because I’m D and I wanna get back to the basic , get strong and build up.

I’m weak now but why not try to bring it to the table. 🙂


My goal is to break 225, in everything  . Till then let me try.. =O