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December 27, 2009

Well it’s one of those sundays. this weekend my friends bailed on me both times. but it’s okay, real  reasons of course, you can’t train when u’re hungover , you can’t ball when you’re drunk.
Left for myself. In my room. there was only one thing to do.

Work on my shoulders again. my weakest link in the chain of movements, followed by my pushing ability.

The Stick on whole Body
Y,T,W,L 1 X12 ( was suppose to do 2 X12 )
Hindu pushups -10
12kg DB neutral grip standing press 1 X10
14kg DB  1 X10

Primary set
17kg DB 1 arm press . 6/6/6/7/7    ->1 min 30 seconds rest
14kg DB standing press Normal grip 2 X10

Hindu Push ups 100 reps

shoulder mobility felt awesome. dieselcrew is where it’s at for ur mobility needs

now to rest. Won’t be training on tues/wed for a full totally no iron no bw . still contemplating weighted chins tmr. I got my lower body and my push covered.

where the weak link this week? you got it, it’s my abs my obliques . 3 times a week n i get none. i do lotsa compound that hit the core. but weighted strength needs to be address. Tmr i shall dragon flag it through wif my weighted side bends with straps so be it.

10 hours after my workout today. stepped out of the shower. 1 arm shoulder press 19.5kg 1×3 both arms =))

en route to the quest of a 60kg military press.

oh and i tried fancy shmancy pullups explode to chin ups , got a few reps? and i fell down almost on my face. Bleachers