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Right back at it =O

January 9, 2010

Saturday 090110

LowerBody day
tested my zerchers, bio feedback was good,
60kg X3
80kg X 3
100Kg X3
100kg X5
100kg X6 (not enough depth as well)
100kg X6 (this set wasn’t very good, there was not enough depth)
100kg X 5
(I looked at the Mirror and saw my knees caving IN at the last 2 reps)

my plan was 25 reps of Zerchers squat at 100kg, the pins were set lower than parallel, cause i like to start concentric phase of zerchers, wasn’t such a good plan really, i felt like i was doing a zercher good morning on the way up, i felt it in my lower back. ForĀ  a couple of sets, i really was good morning-ing the bar up, then i get about 2 good reps, and i start to not get enough depth.

NO excuses, next week i decided to go down to 80kg, and work on technique and drill it back up. =/
with 5kg increases a week probably

Deadlifts Conventional
60kg X 3
130kg X3 X2 (belted)
130kg X1 (no belt) (90% of max =/ )

I was alternating between kettlebell swings,rest, deadlift to get the movement pattern
Sumo deadlift
110kg X 5 X 2

the sumo technique was decent i felt, alot on the hips moving
Played around with 16kg kettlebells. mainly swings and i could even clean a few reps, ugly though =?
Tried a Turkish Get Up and seriously a humbling exercise. I almost cried

50 poor man Glute Ham Raise.
6+10 chin ups.

Overall a good day, I secured 130kg X 7 , arep pr for my deads. after not pulling for 11 days odd.
Unfortunately the lower back left side feels a little strain, thats my weakpart. I’m worried and won’t tried to push it.
I strained it from the zerchers good morning ( un intended) part

Alright, talk to you guys soon


DieselCrew is one of the best

January 6, 2010

If you wanna keep progressing in your strength training.
keep learning and visiting sites.

This is one of the videos i keep revisitng

one of the best.