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DEAD and BACK ! 140kg X 1 X 2

December 26, 2009

Seriously , I haven’t touched a barbell for 4 days. Just for today.
I slept earlier than usual
woke up went to the gym
did a diesel crew warmup
Gator crawls, dynamic hamstrings, hindu pushups

Deadlift Conventional
60kg X 3
80kg X 3
110 kg X3
130kg X 1 (BELT)

140kg x 2 X 1 (BELTED) ( PR)
It’s light to manymany people but to me it’s still 2 X BW. so I’m real happy. been chasing this.

130kg X 1

110kg X 13 reps in 4/3/3/3

Sumo Deadlift

100kg X 5 X4

felt something go in my lower back left? hopefully not

Weighted Chins with 16kg kettlebell 15 reps in several sets
Poor Man Glute Ham Raise at hamstring curl machine : 50 REPS

KettleBell swings 66 reps

went home a happy fat bastard.


MY xmas prezzie is a 2 X BW deadlift. awesome. mentally enriching .

not to consolidate the strength? won’t be pulling for the next 8 days. will do supplementary exercises.

have a nice day