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back to the 10 X 3

January 25, 2010

NO deadlifts and squats really makes progress difficult to measure. when i start doing them again, i know the numbers will be much lower. but such is life, injuries are injuries.


14.5kg Db CHIN upsĀ  X 30 reps. got only 27 reps at the 10 set…
BW chinups X 70

20kg side bends X30
reverse Crunches X20
Renegade Rows X 5


Chin ups

January 5, 2010

Still recovery, have to report back to the military tonight . another 16 days and I’m out of service. but many many work to do these 16 days. ughh

chin ups 20 reps + 6 X 5
at the 6X5 i tried to get every rep explosively.
6 sets of 5, 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

adjusting to my gout diet. no more red meat?!
dint have any meat these 4 days, diary,whey,papayas,carrots,brocoli,potato.

I might just die.

Chin Ups

December 31, 2009

Well if you notice, how i structure my workouts, usually around one of two big compounds and stuff..

For today, i loaded up my 14.5kg dumbbell, took my Spud Inc dip belt and went to the park.

Plate Halos
Scap Push Ups
Weighted chins 10×3 (70 seconds rest)
reality : 3/3/3/3/3/3/3/2/2/2=27 reps. so i + 1/2

rest 6 minutes, used 12kg dumbbell between knees.
Chins again 4/3/4/3/2/1/2/1/ = 20 reps, 1 mins rest
Bw chins 6,5.

total chin up today 61

Din’t row because my lower back is still busted. Rehab work

17.5kg dumbbell swings 60/40 = 100 reps 3 mins rest
17.5kg dumbbell swing 1 arm, 10 each.

going out now. feel like doing goblet squats, strict ones and maybe more pull ups tonight, the above was a 11am workout. see how it goes.

I still feel good and I’m confident of working out this injury , but i need to be patient. go back to my zerchers and take 20% off my 1Rm, and work on it for a month. get ready. but all these will be in 2 weeks. for now

chin ups , swings , push ups, goblets will be my bread and butter