My Key

I’m stopped whining and grining.

If you can’t avoid it, just face it and get over with it.
Anyway what i wanted to talk about in this post is this.
Months back i read and Mehdi posted this
he mentioned that the key to life is reading and strength training.
Being someones that enjoys strength training, I couldn’t  agree more.

However, reading and strength training will enrich you in one way
spending time with the people you love will enrich you in the other.

This is my take, and usually what i live by. ever since i sorted out my thinking.
The key to life is stop doing the things you don’t love,  and stop spending time with people you dislike.
Spend more time with your loved ones, do the things you like.
If you like playing the guitar, play the guitar. You don’t have to conform n accomodate. Just go out and live.

really. stop being so self concious and do what you really enjoy. everything will turn sunny side up

Right now i’m doing this because i enjoy lifting weights, getting stronger, i find it fascinating working with the human body. and honestly getting progress is really a satisfying process. I’ll keep doing it and experimenting. I don’t know till when. I used to indulge in comic books and anime all day and play video games. but at the time that was what i loved, it seem stupid now but i don’t regret it. I still love the occasional comics and stuff. It’s okay. do what you love, don’t let people judge you or you’ll only live in misery.

I’m finishing my 2 years with the army in a couple of weeks. Then i’ll head out to university, I’m just going to get a first class honors, everyone says it’s damn difficult and shit, but people still get it,  why can’t I be one of them, just because your peers ain’t going for it, doesn’t mean u have to settle.

just do what you love, don’t hurt the people you love, cherish the people that care about you

I guarantee as long as you follow this 3 rules, you’ll be fine

that’s what best in life.

regards .



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