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one rep CHIN up with 20kg kettlebell

January 22, 2010

it was a struggle

but i got it, used my right foot to hook  the kettlebell and pulled my body up.
1 x 20kg + 75kg bodyweight chin up

120 bw chins up.

still putting in the works.

Today marks the end of my 2 year military service. being a signaller and all. Time to get ready to start my university and my journey to become a geography teacher. +)


Right back at it =O

January 9, 2010

Saturday 090110

LowerBody day
tested my zerchers, bio feedback was good,
60kg X3
80kg X 3
100Kg X3
100kg X5
100kg X6 (not enough depth as well)
100kg X6 (this set wasn’t very good, there was not enough depth)
100kg X 5
(I looked at the Mirror and saw my knees caving IN at the last 2 reps)

my plan was 25 reps of Zerchers squat at 100kg, the pins were set lower than parallel, cause i like to start concentric phase of zerchers, wasn’t such a good plan really, i felt like i was doing a zercher good morning on the way up, i felt it in my lower back. For  a couple of sets, i really was good morning-ing the bar up, then i get about 2 good reps, and i start to not get enough depth.

NO excuses, next week i decided to go down to 80kg, and work on technique and drill it back up. =/
with 5kg increases a week probably

Deadlifts Conventional
60kg X 3
130kg X3 X2 (belted)
130kg X1 (no belt) (90% of max =/ )

I was alternating between kettlebell swings,rest, deadlift to get the movement pattern
Sumo deadlift
110kg X 5 X 2

the sumo technique was decent i felt, alot on the hips moving
Played around with 16kg kettlebells. mainly swings and i could even clean a few reps, ugly though =?
Tried a Turkish Get Up and seriously a humbling exercise. I almost cried

50 poor man Glute Ham Raise.
6+10 chin ups.

Overall a good day, I secured 130kg X 7 , arep pr for my deads. after not pulling for 11 days odd.
Unfortunately the lower back left side feels a little strain, thats my weakpart. I’m worried and won’t tried to push it.
I strained it from the zerchers good morning ( un intended) part

Alright, talk to you guys soon


December 27, 2009

Well it’s one of those sundays. this weekend my friends bailed on me both times. but it’s okay, real  reasons of course, you can’t train when u’re hungover , you can’t ball when you’re drunk.
Left for myself. In my room. there was only one thing to do.

Work on my shoulders again. my weakest link in the chain of movements, followed by my pushing ability.

The Stick on whole Body
Y,T,W,L 1 X12 ( was suppose to do 2 X12 )
Hindu pushups -10
12kg DB neutral grip standing press 1 X10
14kg DB  1 X10

Primary set
17kg DB 1 arm press . 6/6/6/7/7    ->1 min 30 seconds rest
14kg DB standing press Normal grip 2 X10

Hindu Push ups 100 reps

shoulder mobility felt awesome. dieselcrew is where it’s at for ur mobility needs

now to rest. Won’t be training on tues/wed for a full totally no iron no bw . still contemplating weighted chins tmr. I got my lower body and my push covered.

where the weak link this week? you got it, it’s my abs my obliques . 3 times a week n i get none. i do lotsa compound that hit the core. but weighted strength needs to be address. Tmr i shall dragon flag it through wif my weighted side bends with straps so be it.

10 hours after my workout today. stepped out of the shower. 1 arm shoulder press 19.5kg 1×3 both arms =))

en route to the quest of a 60kg military press.

oh and i tried fancy shmancy pullups explode to chin ups , got a few reps? and i fell down almost on my face. Bleachers

DEAD and BACK ! 140kg X 1 X 2

December 26, 2009

Seriously , I haven’t touched a barbell for 4 days. Just for today.
I slept earlier than usual
woke up went to the gym
did a diesel crew warmup
Gator crawls, dynamic hamstrings, hindu pushups

Deadlift Conventional
60kg X 3
80kg X 3
110 kg X3
130kg X 1 (BELT)

140kg x 2 X 1 (BELTED) ( PR)
It’s light to manymany people but to me it’s still 2 X BW. so I’m real happy. been chasing this.

130kg X 1

110kg X 13 reps in 4/3/3/3

Sumo Deadlift

100kg X 5 X4

felt something go in my lower back left? hopefully not

Weighted Chins with 16kg kettlebell 15 reps in several sets
Poor Man Glute Ham Raise at hamstring curl machine : 50 REPS

KettleBell swings 66 reps

went home a happy fat bastard.


MY xmas prezzie is a 2 X BW deadlift. awesome. mentally enriching .

not to consolidate the strength? won’t be pulling for the next 8 days. will do supplementary exercises.

have a nice day

Something that bothers me

December 18, 2009

Sumo Deadlifts
100 X 25 reps in triples/doubles/singles. took about 45 minutes

conventional Deads 120kg X1/1/1

Zercher squats off 3rd safetypins.
90kg X 10
90kg X6
100kg X3 (NEW PR)

i need to work on my depth

Chinups 15kg X4
bw X 11

something that reallly bother me was that i overheard someone said that I had the worst form of deadlift that he has ever seen… =(  i need to work on my technique then.


December 12, 2009

Haha shit la, i haven really been pushing and pushing.
Deadlifts today

110 X 3/2/3/2
120X 1/1/1/1/1
110 X 3
90 X 6 (sumo)
90 X 8 (sumo)breakresetpull

ChinUps +16kg kb at ankles 4/4/2 -> 10 reps

Glute ham raise with hamstring curl machine 8 reps

kettlebell 16kg swings X100

went home to playground and 50 reps chin up 10/10/10/8/7/5

My belt comes next week. so far i been pulling without one, I been a coward to try deadlifts above 100kg for a long long time and once i did it, i haven really tested a rep max. but today the 120 i think i am approaching my maximum soon where i cannot beat the weight and need to go home. lower back hurts a little, GOOD MORNINGS SIDE BENDS WEIGHTED CRUNCHES GOGOGO

Suddenly new Stats +.+

November 29, 2009

Today is a sort of good dayish day.

Went to the gym with my friend Daniel, in regards to strength training, that guy is a monster laa.. humble also..
Was supposed to be a bench day at 60kg 6X6.

The wait for the bench was FUCKING LONG, but the rest did me good i think. with his help i manage to finish a 1X5 bench press at 70kg, never done before. but i know i can get 1 clean rep x.x. so bw bench cleared. now to get it for 15 reps. hmm

i did 10 reps at 70kg but only one clean rep without his hands around the bar

Zercher squats today

bar X5
60kg X 5
80kg X 5
90kg ( WHOA i missed one side, the other side dint come out of the rack embarassed shit )
put the weight back
85kg X4

Daniel asked me to go for it, 90kg only ma to him I had a little form issues, unracking was tough
but i got  4 reps . WHOASHIT

zercher squats 90kg X4 .. Probably can start year 2010 with a 100kg zercher squat. =)

then i tried my deadlift. 100kg is not much but i got 4 reps as well


working to 2 X BW

i started this blog ytd and i attempted all these today. luck i suppose. wun get many days like these.. but now i got something to work up n away again