Weak feeling

January 12, 2010

Went to another gym today, wow no power rack, 2 smith machine..

Took the Olympic bar and loaded it on the floor

SUMO Deads
60kg X5
90kg X4
110kg X 3 X 5
110kg X2

guess what, i hurt myself again. Its a freaking muscle strain.
IT”S THE SAME MISTAKE THAT PUT ME OUT FOR 2 WEEKS. Seriously it just came. my technique should be ok.
push off heels, reset and go.

2 hours later i ran to the physioptherapist like a little girl

She took a look and realised my spinal erector the left side is badly badly strained.
She was very helpful. told me all about it, just not my day sometimes…  saturday deadlifts were alot heavier but everything was good. why today? probably because i strained it too much before it recovered?

She helped me taped it up. this is what it looks like now

you can see the Y shape taping on my left erector

Let’s hope the kinesio tape helps.

For a moment i really wanna just gave up and go home, I remembered my slip disc 4 years ago and how every thing leads to a tweak in my back n pain. this is pretty much the same or worst. I’ll live and I’ll come back

I’ll probably go lighter and adjust. more direct erectors work and ab work.

It’s probably this, I’m afraid that if i don’t go near my max  i won’t get a training effect.
The fear of becoming weak will be the ones that make you weak.
Now i’m out, 2 weeks later i’m finish with 2 years in the Military and i need to work from there.

I’ll edit my training plans n stuff i do. =/


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