Right back at it =O

January 9, 2010

Saturday 090110

LowerBody day
tested my zerchers, bio feedback was good,
60kg X3
80kg X 3
100Kg X3
100kg X5
100kg X6 (not enough depth as well)
100kg X6 (this set wasn’t very good, there was not enough depth)
100kg X 5
(I looked at the Mirror and saw my knees caving IN at the last 2 reps)

my plan was 25 reps of Zerchers squat at 100kg, the pins were set lower than parallel, cause i like to start concentric phase of zerchers, wasn’t such a good plan really, i felt like i was doing a zercher good morning on the way up, i felt it in my lower back. For  a couple of sets, i really was good morning-ing the bar up, then i get about 2 good reps, and i start to not get enough depth.

NO excuses, next week i decided to go down to 80kg, and work on technique and drill it back up. =/
with 5kg increases a week probably

Deadlifts Conventional
60kg X 3
130kg X3 X2 (belted)
130kg X1 (no belt) (90% of max =/ )

I was alternating between kettlebell swings,rest, deadlift to get the movement pattern
Sumo deadlift
110kg X 5 X 2

the sumo technique was decent i felt, alot on the hips moving
Played around with 16kg kettlebells. mainly swings and i could even clean a few reps, ugly though =?
Tried a Turkish Get Up and seriously a humbling exercise. I almost cried

50 poor man Glute Ham Raise.
6+10 chin ups.

Overall a good day, I secured 130kg X 7 , arep pr for my deads. after not pulling for 11 days odd.
Unfortunately the lower back left side feels a little strain, thats my weakpart. I’m worried and won’t tried to push it.
I strained it from the zerchers good morning ( un intended) part

Alright, talk to you guys soon


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