Deload/ Gout?!?! =O

January 3, 2010

I planned for this week to be a pure deload week. but not like that.
I was planning to torch my legs with a zercher squat/deadlift workout on saturday at 75% of my max for 5X5

It din’t happen.

On the first day of jan, friday night 2am, i woke up all of a sudden at night. my big toe on my right food was in excruciating pain. wth just happened. I cancelled my workout and headed to the doctor office. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with gout. wow, at the fine age of 20?

gout is brought about by high protein diet? wth am i going to do now?
The pain has totally stopped me from lifting , i can still do my favorite chins, but what about my post workout shake?

No worries, It’s too early to throw in the towel, I need to get this off my chest. I will keep getting stronger, my kettlebells are coming and I intend to use it to built my posterior chains to get even better at my deadlifts.

I probably have to rethink and evaulate my diet. Gout goes again all i learn about nutrition, seriously gout sufferers are advised to get 50% carbs (starchy ones) 30% fat and less than 15% protein? it makes no sense

Apparently milk is a gout preventing food so i’ll look into that. no worries. I’ll be back in action for 2010 in pursuit of my 450lb deadlift, currently 315. this 2 weeks will probably be low key but when i’m back I’m back.


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