Shoulder for the first day of the year

January 1, 2010

My weakest link is probably my low back. having a slip disc 4 years ago. followed by my right shoulder rotator cuff blowout.

But let the training begin for 2010

warmup – L-T-Y 2 X12
hindu push ups

14.5kg db military press 1X10
17.5kg db 1 arm press 17.5kg X 7/7/6/7/8 = 35reps (main)
14.5 kg db military press neutral grip 3 X10

push ups
went to the pool and swam a little

thats it. a little light. lower back on the elft is still hurting but i’ll beat it.

gonna do zerchers and sumo 5 X5 all 100kg tmr but not really sure. see how the back goes. I intend to make it the last workout before i deload fully for the first week of jan


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