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January 30, 2010

First teaching stint with a group of 10 kids .
Totally lost control of the class.
Lesson learnt, next week will be purely power.

Upper Body Push
KB Elevated Push Up. 220 reps
Hindu 20
Normal 10
Feet Elevated 10

Scap push up as warm up.

All bodyweight.



January 29, 2010

Walk 5km


January 28, 2010

Zercher squats.
feels good to get back at it

80kg X 7/6/7/7
85kg x 3

all quite comfortable


January 27, 2010

Pull up again.
Playing with Ladders

8-6-4-2 gives u 20 reps.

I utilised 3 grips. pronated,supinated and neutral


60 reps

then did the rest in sets of 7,6,5,4

total 63.

conclusion. 123 pullups

PUSH 260110

January 26, 2010

KB pushups 100
Hindu pushups 60
Feet elevated Pushups 60
KB swings
Scap Push Ups

back to the 10 X 3

January 25, 2010

NO deadlifts and squats really makes progress difficult to measure. when i start doing them again, i know the numbers will be much lower. but such is life, injuries are injuries.


14.5kg Db CHIN ups  X 30 reps. got only 27 reps at the 10 set…
BW chinups X 70

20kg side bends X30
reverse Crunches X20
Renegade Rows X 5


January 23, 2010

20kg goblet squat 20
20kg kb swings 40
40kg double kb front squat 30 reps. challenging as hell
kb elevated push ups X 100
normal push ups x 50

one rep CHIN up with 20kg kettlebell

January 22, 2010

it was a struggle

but i got it, used my right foot to hook  the kettlebell and pulled my body up.
1 x 20kg + 75kg bodyweight chin up

120 bw chins up.

still putting in the works.

Today marks the end of my 2 year military service. being a signaller and all. Time to get ready to start my university and my journey to become a geography teacher. +)


January 20, 2010

Still recovering

100 pullups.

KB swings. can’t get the groove after the pull ups, was trying to squeeze my glutes
BW squats, KB goblet squats. 50+

2 days more and I finished my 2 years with the military. can’t wait

These few days I let my nutrition gone to wreck, and my training, i promise better days. Now i’m just flooding pullups volume ala recon ron .


January 17, 2010


120 pull ups.

Some KB swings and renegade rows.
Still trying to get it in. The kb is a lil heavy for me, that sucks but it’s ok. slowly I’ll get around it