2009 second workout

December 31, 2009

Goblet squats with 27kg dumbbell 120 reps. sweat like a pig
wanted to do side bends but my lower back is sending me some signals

will do the birddogs, spinal erector glute strengthening laters.

in 2009 i lifted 2Xbw
finally mastered the chin up. can do up to +16kg for 4
benched BW
got stronger
lost 10kg and gained it back in muscle
lost 4 inches off my waist

BUT all this are insignificant stuff

I also lost a loved one. I lost my grandmother. I wish she is somewhere and happy right now.
I also want my family to be healthy happy and safe for 2010 and onwards.

because family is what is best in life

2010 I’m feeling good baby


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