Not smart enough

December 30, 2009

Apparently the previous workout, where i replicate my max effort deadlift was a dumb decision. I’m still weak and my body is not ready yet, but i was spurred on the moment to pulled it.

Thou shall always remember that i have a slip disc before 4 years ago and that took some sports out of me, this year was my fittest and strongest years, but that deadlift took some out of me, the only way is to take something back. I must learn to stop, call it a day, and do something else.

learn man learn, thats the only way to progress.

my lower back hurts a little on the left, not a little, hurts a lot, i been doing my physiotheraphy drills.

putting lotsa birddogs. and cat stretches. gonna do chins tmr. but proper programming is a must.

I’ll rehab it back. i been thinking of pure technique goblets and swings got my lower body for awhile

workout for these two days,
Spinal decompressions
Cat stretchs


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