Zercher Tues w/ Deadlifts

December 15, 2009


haha, went to the neighborhood gym today with only one rack yes one rack.
luckily no one was playing me out on the rack, this guy was deadlifting 100kg
i was warming up with bodyweight squats.
on the spur of the moment, affter i felt i was ready, i asked to jump in on his set

deadlift 100kg X4
sumo 100kg X3
deadlift 120kg X 1 X3

then watch him do deads and barbell row

then it’s time for my zercher squat to built my deadlift of course
60kg X 5
80kg X5
90kg X10x2
92.5kg X3 or 4

goal was to work more than 30 reps for 90kg =)
stance was out real real wide. couldn’t feel my quads and felt i din’t go low low low. damnnnn

leg extensions lying leg curl stiff legged deadlifts was all did rather half fuck. bad on me

zercher squats

60kg X 20 (finisher)

walked out of the gym decently happy

went home, ate my rice and meat.
went to the pool 60 chins , went back 100 goblets at 27kg .

really done for tues


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