Zerchers Wednesday and Bench FRI

December 11, 2009



Zercher Squat. 60kg X5
90kg 5/4/4/8/2/3
power rack safety was set at the 3 hole. started out from a concentric instead of pulling the bar out and sitting back.
stopped when i felt it took too much rounding to get up, especially after the 8th rep blowout. legs were out wide.. not really what i wanted. din’t go that low on some reps. UGHH

Leg Press 300 x 10 x 2
300 X 20



encountered another 4 man bench press rotation =/
set up the power rack with the safeties, since i’m all alone, its more like a lockout kinda workout. not a full ROM. not pleased

60kg X5 X2
70kg X5

saw those guys left, went over to the normal bench press
asked for a spot from the gym manager
60kg X6
70kg 2/1/2

when the spotter came i tried 72.5kg, got 2/3 clean reps, he helped me for a few, and i left the gym..

next week working weight would be at 72.5kg, regardless will try to get 10 clean reps

went home to the pool, nice sun swam n did 200 pushups.

60 chins

deadlift saturday again>?


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