Suddenly new Stats +.+

November 29, 2009

Today is a sort of good dayish day.

Went to the gym with my friend Daniel, in regards to strength training, that guy is a monster laa.. humble also..
Was supposed to be a bench day at 60kg 6X6.

The wait for the bench was FUCKING LONG, but the rest did me good i think. with his help i manage to finish a 1X5 bench press at 70kg, never done before. but i know i can get 1 clean rep x.x. so bw bench cleared. now to get it for 15 reps. hmm

i did 10 reps at 70kg but only one clean rep without his hands around the bar

Zercher squats today

bar X5
60kg X 5
80kg X 5
90kg ( WHOA i missed one side, the other side dint come out of the rack embarassed shit )
put the weight back
85kg X4

Daniel asked me to go for it, 90kg only ma to him I had a little form issues, unracking was tough
but i got  4 reps . WHOASHIT

zercher squats 90kg X4 .. Probably can start year 2010 with a 100kg zercher squat. =)

then i tried my deadlift. 100kg is not much but i got 4 reps as well


working to 2 X BW

i started this blog ytd and i attempted all these today. luck i suppose. wun get many days like these.. but now i got something to work up n away again



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