November 28, 2009

Anyways i felt like i might have missed out a little , so I’m gonna go back here again.
My name is D . It’s the first letter. I live in the safe island of singapore, I’m 20. I started weight training in april of 2009. It was the first time really touched a weight. Earlier on i was doing sports, but i was never excelling in it.
I’m training to better myself each day. It might take a while but I’m getting back. slowly but surely.
The best principle is GPO (gradual progressive overload)

I weigh 72kg at 172cm  and I’m trying to get to 77kg but purely lean mass  o.o

These are my current 5X5 weight usage. But I’m not training 5X5

Deadlift 90kg

Chinup BW+12kg 6 reps

Bench 60kg 5 Reps

Zercher squat 80kg X3

Military press 34kg (weakchain)

At Jan 2010, I’ll test it all again.. but I’m getting the numbers up in gradual increments.


Anyway I enjoy reading, watching anime and strength training, and also competitive sports with friends.

Reading articles and books are one of the best activities one can do to better oneself, but i have to admit something reading comics/watching shows are just easier..


till my next post, i’ll leave u guys at this for now.





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